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L A B & iD: A new shopping experience


I get the privilege to make a post about the new store on the rise, L A B & iD! L A B & iD is a name that gives light to the fact that they are the new scientists of fashion. Founded by Junior Sealy, L A B & iD is a mix of contemporary clothes with hints of urban flavor. Planning on shedding a positive light on the island of Barbados as well as the rest of the Caribbean, L A B & iD has a brand that isn’t just for the fashion forward or the high fashion brands, but for the people who can take a high fashion brand and intertwine the piece into an outfit that is unconventional with the contemporary and urban vibe L A B & iD strives to create, giving a mindset of a big city. L A B & iD isn’t about selling just their clothes, but also sells other intriguing brands such as Bobby Day, PROUDRACE, Roberto Piqueras, Soulland, Stolen Girlfriends Club, and the ever-so-popular Dr. Air Martens. L A B & iD also has a unique number system to help the customer identify with what style the want to convey as well as help get to know the customer and help them navigate through the lab. Every item is given an iD number based on uniqueness, price, and popularity between the stylish people in the fashion community. iD 1 is for more of the conservative dresser who plays it safe with basic colors and silhouettes. iD 2 is for more of a fashionable dresser who knows what the season’s trends are and incorporates whatever trend into their ensemble  Lastly, iD 3 is for the dresser who sets trends. Clothes in iD 3 knows when to splurge on something that will stop traffic as well as experiment with different patterns or trends. The iD 3 dresser always stands out. L A B & iD is for the people who want to move forward with their style and strive to be fashion scientists themselves. What’s your iD?

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Photo credit: L A B & iD’s Test Tube Series & photos on Facebook

Lanvin’s awesome fall campaign.

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Style Breakdown: The Dark Knight Rises
Leading up to The Dark Knight Rises, we realized early on that the Batman villain was a sartorial superhero, decked out in—we hypothesized—an Ermenegildo Zegna shearling coat, plus a waxed BelstaffRoadmaster jacket. So to further investigate, we called up costume designer Lindy Hemming, whose work spans Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy, and quizzed her on Bane as well as the rest of the cast.

Who knew Gotham’s reckoning would be so well-dressed?